Worker's Comp: Do You Really Need Representation?

February 11, 2016

shutterstock_320663342.jpgWorker's Compensation was designed in part to avoid lengthy legal battles. Accordingly, the system works to protect employers from many lawsuits after workplace injuries. But how do you know you are really getting the compensation you deserve? Even though the system appears to systematize recovery for injured workers, it always makes sense to contact a personal injury attorney before you accept a settlement.

Cause of Injury

One area that may create a need for counsel is causation. If you were injured due to an intentional or reckless act of someone else, you are entitled to more than just worker's compensation. For instance, if someone attacks you at work, or you are intentionally put into an unsafe environment, this goes beyond what worker's compensation was intended to cover.

In these situations, your employer may be partially or completely liable for your injuries. They will try to push you to accept a settlement much lower than you deserve. Seek legal help before you settle for too little!

Navigating the System

Beyond intentional and reckless acts, you will often find that the Worker's Compensation system creates tricky paths and hurdles to prevent you from quickly getting the recovery to which you are entitled. Further, the company may try to claim that your injury was your own fault, or try to replace you at work before you recover.

After a workplace injury, you may be in no condition to fight through obstacles by yourself. Employers often try to take advantage of this by pushing you to sign away your rights before you are ready. You don't have to let them do this! Your rights are worth protecting, and strong legal representation provides the best means to protect them.

If you have been injured in the workplace, you may be entitled to much more than the Worker's Compensation system is set up to give you. To start on the road to getting the protection and recovery you deserve, contact Stern and Stern today.