What do I Need to Have at my Initial Consultation for my Personal Injury Claim?

June 23, 2017

shutterstock_525047125.jpgIf you suffer a personal injury, you undoubtedly have a number of questions. You want to focus on your recovery, but you worry about taking care of your family, paying for your care, and a million things you take for granted before you get hurt. This is where you need a good personal injury attorney to help with your claim. But you should prepare to give your attorney the information he or she needs to help. Taking essential documentation to your consultation will help you succeed in your personal injury claim.

Understanding Your Injuries

First, you need to be able to demonstrate your injuries. When you see a doctor, you should receive a wealth of information about the injuries you suffer and the path to your recovery. The diagnosis you receive, and the prognosis for time and treatment you need, form the basis of your personal injury claim. Your attorney will review the doctor's notes and treatment plan, and use that to help you prepare your case. Further, showing that you have received treatment and are following through will help demonstrate that you are not making your injuries worse by failing to follow through.

Liability and Damages

Beyond the injuries themselves, though, you need to show that someone else was responsible for what happened. Any notes you have taken about what happened will help your attorney identify the evidence needed to prove liability. There may be police reports or accident reports as well; if you can take those to your consultation, that will help as well.

Finally, any information you have about different kinds of damages you have incurred will help. How has your daily routine changed? What new limitations do you face, whether from work or home life? The more you are ready to discuss and show, the more effectively your attorney can help you recover for all the losses you have suffered.

If someone has caused you injuries through negligent or reckless behavior, you have a right to recover damages. Contact Stern and Stern today for help with your personal injury claim.