Is New Jersey an At-Fault State in Car Accident Claims?

July 8, 2019


New Jersey, like every other state, requires that you carry auto insurance for you to be allowed to drive. Because it becomes part of an automatic process, most people do not really think about their coverage until they need it. When you do, though, understanding your right to file a lawsuit under your policy becomes important. Working with an experienced lawyer will help you protect those rights when you are in a car accident.

Basic Policy

A basic auto insurance policy generally fits whose drivers who are younger or have relatively few assets or family members. If you have a basic policy, you have a limited right to sue in a car accident. This is somewhat different from a pure no-fault coverage; you can sue for economic damages like lost wages or medical costs. However, you may not sue for pain and suffering except in cases of serious injuries like lost limbs, permanent injuries, or death.

Standard Policy

The standard policy gives you a choice when you sign up for coverage. You can opt either for the same limited right to sue that you receive under the basic policy, or pay higher premiums in exchange for an unlimited right to sue. If you select the latter, you have the ability to sue for pain and suffering even without the level of injury required under the basic policy. This gives you greater options and the ability to make yourself whole after an accident in ways the limited option does not allow.

Car Accident Representation

Regardless of the kind of policy you select, you have rights under your auto insurance policy. If someone's reckless driving causes you a serious injury, you need not resign yourself to the coverage limits that your policy or the other driver's policy affords. Contact Stern and Stern today to protect your rights and get the recovery you deserve.